Overtime Lawsuits for Farm Workers

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Habbas & Associates is currently hearing from farm workers in California who may be owed hours of overtime pay. At the start of 2019, many farm workers became eligible to receive overtime due under new California laws. Yet many employers and labor contractors have failed to follow the law. If you think this has happened to you, do not hesitate to contact our firm right away by dialing (888) 387-4053.

Farm Worker Overtime Schedule

The new law protects farm worker overtime rights in the following phases:

  • Overtime for employers with at least 26 farm workers: Began on January 1st, 2019, and fully phases in by January 1st, 2022.
  • Overtime for employers with 25 or fewer farm workers: Begins on January 1st, 2022, and fully phases in by January 1st, 2025.

As of January 1st, 2019, eligible agricultural workers could earn overtime equal to 1.5x their regular rate of pay after working either 9.5 hours in a shift or 55 hours in a week. Starting January 1st, 2022, eligible workers will be able to earn overtime after working either 8 hours in a shift or 40 hours in a week.

If a farm worker works for 7 consecutive days, then on the 7th day of work, they must be paid time-and-a-half for the first 8 hours and double-time for all work past 8 hours.

Many farm workers also are now legally entitled to additional employment benefits, such as:

  • Standardized meal periods
  • 6-day workweek maximums
  • Alternative workweek schedules
  • Make-up work time

Find Out If You are Eligible to File a Lawsuit

If you have completed any farm work for an employer with more than 25 employees between January 1st, 2019 and now, and you worked shifts that lasted more than 9.5 hours, or you worked more than 55 hours in a week, then you might have a valid overtime claim. The more workers who come forth with legal complaints, the stronger each claim becomes. It might even be possible to form a class action against agricultural companies and labor contractors who have not properly paid their overtime.

Call Habbas & Associates now for a no-cost consultation and if you have a claim you pay nothing unless we recover for you from your employer.

Farm workers should call (888) 387-4053 right away. Free consultationsare available.

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