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Safety for Your Summer Road Trip: Prepare & Plan Ahead

Summer road trips and vacation season is here again. Are you planning on packing the family in the car and seeing some of the best sights our country has to offer? Before you hit the highway, take a look at these general road trip safety tips everyone should know. By keeping them in mind for your journey, you can help reduce the chances of running into a hazard or serious problem.

Four hints and tips for your summer road trip safety:

  1. Stock up: Prepare for roadway trouble before it happens by filling the trunk of your vehicle with the necessities. You need a first aid kit, emergency kit with a rechargeable radio or walkie-talkie, a compass and map, and road flares and flashlights. Do not forget nonperishable food and water for everyone — and enough for several days. Make changes to your preparedness kit based on where your road trip takes you. If you are going up to Washington where it might get rainy, for example, then pack some emergency ponchos and an umbrella.
  2. Map it out: Take any guesswork out of your road trip route by mapping the entire course ahead of time. Know where you expect to be at the end of each day and give this information to a friend or family member who is not joining you on your vacation. Text them whenever you stop for the night to confirm your location. If you do not send the notification by a certain hour, then your at-home contact can alert nearby authorities to start a search party. You never know when you might get lost, especially on roads less traveled.
  3. Watch out for traffic: For the roads more traveled, look up expected traffic before you. When traffic is heavy on your path, you may want to wait for it to clear, or use a safe detour. The likelihood of getting into a crash are increased when you are driving in a new area with unfamiliar traffic patterns. Please drive defensively and keep an eye out for dangerous drivers.
  4. Vehicle maintenance: Your car is going to go through much more than usual on your summer road trip. Make certain it is ready for the extra effort by getting it maintained shortly before you depart, perhaps the weekend prior. A mechanic can spot problematic parts that might have led to a breakdown or crash on the highway, like a tire about to burst or a faulty fan belt.

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