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Six Students Dead Following Balcony Collapse in Berkeley

At least six people died late last night after a fourth-four balcony gave way at an apartment complex near UC Berkeley. According to officials from the Berkeley Police Department, the 6 victims killed in the collapse were identified as Irish exchange students working in the Bay Area on temporary visas.

Here’s what is known about the incident so far:

  • Officials state that the collapse occurred shortly after 12:40 am on Tuesday morning during what has been reported as a 21st birthday party for one of the exchange students.
  • In addition to the six Irish citizens killed in the collapse, at least 7 other victims have been reportedly injured.
  • Investigations into the incident are still ongoing, but officials have speculated that too many people may have been crowded on the small balcony.
  • Officials are also investigating whether a lack of adequate waterproofing where wood support beams connect with the building played a role in the collapse.

While officials have yet to determine a definitive cause for the accident, they will likely be exploring all possibilities - including the possibility that unsafe issues or violations contributed to the collapse. Should this be the case, premises liability may come into play. Premises liability is an area of law that requires property owners to take reasonable measures to ensure that residents and visitors do not suffer preventable harm.

Whatever the case may be, the incident was a tragedy for all those involved. As a firm that has worked with numerous victims and families whose lives have been changed by accidents, we extend our condolences to all those affected by last night’s balcony collapse in Berkeley.

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