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Watch Out For These Summer Driving Hazards

Summer-time driving comes with innate dangers. Although most people associate dangerous driving conditions with rain and snow, the summer months create additional on-the-road hazards for motorists and pedestrians alike.

During the summer, most schools are out of session. This means more teenage drivers. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), teenagers account for 14% of the U.S. population, but are responsible for 30% of traffic accidents.

In short, more young drivers means a higher accident rates.

In addition to more young drivers on the road, summer traffic includes more families on vacation. Although these drivers may not be inexperienced, the additional traffic can lead to traffic jams, more accidents, and more injuries.

Vacationing drivers are also unfamiliar with local roads, which can make it easier for them to make mistakes while driving.

Drivers are not the only type of summer traffic threat; hot weather comes with its own dangers. According to AAA, warm weather causes the air inside your vehicle tires to expand. Under the right circumstances, this could lead to a tire blowout.

To avoid a tire blow out, regularly check your car’s tire pressure. Additionally, replace your tires if needed; well-worn tires are prone to blowouts.

Summering Driving and DUI

The summer months – especially weekends – typically involve more drunk drivers and DUI accidents than the rest of year. Avoid driving late at night and watch out for drivers who appear intoxicated. If you see a drunk driver, report it to the police.

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