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Watch Out for DUI Accidents on Cinco de Mayo

Drunk driving is never okay and is responsible for countless injuries, accidents, and fatalities every year. The FBI estimates that approximately 300,000 people drive drunk daily, but law enforcement arrests fewer than 4,000. U.S. laws are designed to seek justice for these accidents and punish drunk drivers, but the courts may not provide the financial compensation victims need.

Unfortunately, the number of drunk drivers increases during holidays, including Cinco de Mayo. This Cinco de Mayo, watch out for potentially intoxicated drivers and report any motorists who seem impaired. Spotting a drunk driver could save your life.

How to Identify a Drunk Driver

Cinco de Mayo increases your chances of being in a car accident even if you don’t plan on drinking. Remember: Others will go out, so be prepared to watch out for drunk drivers.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) identifies these tell-tale signs of intoxicated driving:

  • Driving at night with headlights off
  • Driver 10 mph (or more) under the speed limit
  • Swerving, zig-zagging, or driving in the wrong lane
  • Responding slowly to stop lights, stop sings, etc.
  • Making sudden or illegal turns
  • Drifting over the center line into the wrong lane
  • Signaling with the wrong turn signal
  • Driving too closely to other cars (tailgating)
  • Braking suddenly or stopping without cause

How to Prevent Drunk Driving this Holiday

Cinco de Mayo is a significant holiday for many people, especially young adults. If you plan to go out and celebrate, make sure you’re prepared to avoid drunk driving. The best way to prevent a DUI is to have a plan. Before you celebrate, ask a friend if he / she will be available to driver you home or plan on taking a cab or public transit.

If you notice a friend who is intoxicated, do not allow him / her to drive. If possible, ask your friend to give you his / her keys.

At Habbas & Associates, we are committed to helping victims of DUI accidents seek the money they need and deserve for medical expenses, missed wages, and noneconomic damages. To see what our law firm can do for you, contact us now.

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