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SiliconValleyTalk.Com Interviews Attorney Omar Habbas

Attorney Omar Habbas, founding lawyer of Habbas & Associates, was interviewed by, a forum that seeks to educate the community about superior professionals throughout Silicon Valley and surrounding areas.

During the interview, SVT asks Mr. Habbas about his most favorable experiences as a successful personal injury lawyer. The insight Mr. Habbas provides shows his compassion for people and his dedication to helping others obtain more promising futures despite their current situations.

When SVT asks why Mr. Habbas has chosen a career path as a personal injury lawyer, Mr. Habbas explains, “I am indeed grateful that I, and all the people in our firm, can make a significant positive difference for so many people who have experienced serious injury and loss. We, unfortunately, cannot reverse the fact that people were injured, but we can help them to live a life they rightfully deserve.”

Throughout the interview, Mr. Habbas expresses his gratitude for his brother, Sam, who is a Corporate and International Business attorney, for being an inspiration to him at such a young age. While attending undergraduate college, Mr. Habbas pursued an education to become an orthodontist. However, Mr. Habbas found his calling in legal work, thanks to the inspiration of his brother.

When SVT asks Mr. Habbas who he would take to dinner if opportunities were endless, he says that he would select Mohammed Ali and Nelson Mandela, both of whom were people that “[stood] for others and champion[ed] meaningful causes for a better world.”

Mr. Habbas sees no greater pleasure than ensuring people’s rights, dignity, and honor are safeguarded. His career as a personal injury attorney allows him to channel is compassionate attitude to protecting the futures of others.

Habbas & Associates is Backed by More Than 200 years of Combined Legal Experience

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