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Commercial Trucking Accidents vs. Car Accidents: Key Differences

On the surface, the average car accident is clearly different from a typical commercial truck accident. But only when you come to understand the nuances of the key differences between them does that information become important. Indeed, with the right knowledge beforehand, you can potentially improve your personal injury claim.

The key differences between car and truck accidents you should know are:

  • Damage: A commercial truck accident is nearly guaranteed to do far more damage than a traffic collision that only involves two smaller cars. Injuries caused in a truck accident may be quite severe, yet could also be subtle, such as in the case of brain damage and some back injuries. Be sure to always get a thorough checkup after being in a truck accident to look for potential issues. The compensation you pursue in a truck accident case will also be much greater than in the average car accident as a direct reflection of the damage done.
  • Causes: Many car accident causes can be linked directly to a driver that has decided to drink and drive, or use his or her smartphone behind the wheel. In a trucking accident, these causes are much less frequent. Instead, truck drivers are more likely to become exhausted from long hours of driving, sometimes 16 or more hours in a single day. Knowing these unique causes of truck accidents can allow you to gain a better perspective when attempting to prove liability in a resulting personal injury claim.
  • Liable parties: While on the topic of liability, it is worth noting that car accident claims are usually filed against one person: the driver of the other vehicle. In a commercial truck accident, multiple parties could be partially liable for the collision. A claim might target the truck driver, parent company executives not enforcing safety standards, managers scheduling long shifts, maintenance crews failing to repair the vehicle, and even the load crew that put freight into the truck’s trailer.

Truck Accident Attorneys in San Jose

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