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Bicycle Accident & Injury Prevention 101: Useful Hints All Cyclists Should Know

As a popular form of transportation and exercise, bicycles are incredibly common on American roadways. Intermingling with motorists in much larger, heavier, and faster vehicles means a high chance of putting someone in serious danger. Bicyclists and motorists both share the responsibility to help prevent bicycle accidents.

In order to do our part in protecting bicyclists in our area and around the country, Habbas & Associates has prepared a quick list of basic yet critical safety hints for bicyclists to follow. In case you or someone you love is injured by a motorist while riding a bicycle, know that our San Jose personal injury attorneys offer compassionate and insightful legal representation. You can contact our firm at any time to request a free initial consultation to begin your case.

Six bicycle safety tips to always remember when you ride your bike are:

  • Wear safety gear: There is no substitute for essential safety gear to help reduce the severity of your injuries in case you do get into a crash. Never ride a bicycle without wearing a properly fitted helmet. If you are planning on riding your bike frequently or across long distances, it will be worth your while to invest in kneepads, elbow pads, gloves, and other protective gear.
  • Increase your visibility: Most bicycle accidents between a cyclist and a motorist are caused in large part due to the driver’s inability to see or acknowledge the cyclist. You can increase your visibility and presence on the road by wearing bright colors and affixing lights onto your bicycle. Staying along brightly lit paths or roads is also beneficial.
  • Use hand signals: Bicyclists can command more of the road and do it more clearly by using hand signals whenever they want to change lanes or direction. Hand signals for bicyclists are essentially universal, but it is worth checking information provided by your local DMV to be certain.
  • Follow bike lanes: Whenever possible, stay in bicycle lanes. Bicycle lanes are typically on the right side of roads, making it easier to stay out of the way of larger vehicles and to complete right turns. You may want to adjust your route to include more streets with bike lanes if this is an option.
  • Confirm eye contact: If you need to cross into an intersection in front of a waiting vehicle, always look directly at the driver and confirm you have made eye contact before proceeding. Nothing affirms your presence in the mind of others on the road than direct eye contact.
  • Watch for pedestrians: Motor vehicles are not the only dangers on or around the road when you ride your bicycle. Pedestrians can wander into your path and cause an accident that leave you both seriously injured. Also keep an eye on shop and car doors whenever riding, which may swing open unexpectedly in front of you.

Legal Representation After a Bicycle Accident

Even when acting with utmost care while riding your bicycle, you could end up in an accident caused entirely by a negligent motorist or pedestrian. If this happens to you, our San Jose bicycle accident lawyers at Habbas & Associates can come to your assistance when filing and pursuing an injury claim. Discover what our 200 years of total legal experience can do for you by contacting us now.

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