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Trucking Accidents Related to Brake Failures & Defects

Commercial trucks, big rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, and so forth are all used to haul massive amounts of cargo across the country. In fact, the federal weight limit on a commercial truck is 80,000 pounds in most instances, which includes both the weight of the truck and any cargo within its trailer. All of this adds up to tremendous pressure on the truck’s braking system, especially when considering that trucks travel at highway speeds.

In order to make certain that braking systems do not become damaged or defective under the pressure, regular maintenance on large vehicles is required. Many companies are held to a maintenance schedule based on the miles traveled or the amount of time elapsed since the last maintenance work. Unfortunately, not all truckers or trucking companies take the responsibility of routine maintenance seriously, resulting in catastrophic brake failures and trucking accidents.

There are other situations in which a brake failure is caused by a defect in the brake itself. A trucking company might follow all maintenance protocols, but the truck still experiences a brake failure. Depending on the weight of the truck at the time of the failure, it might prove entirely impossible for even an experienced trucker to control the vehicle safely and stop a crash.

Consider What Can Be Used In Your Injury Claim

After being in a truck accident, it is always important to establish liability accurately. You can be certain the trucking company and its insurer will be looking for ways to reduce their financial responsibilities for damages. To prove you were not to blame for your trucking accident, it can be useful to get copies of maintenance records, which may show a troubling lapse in brake maintenance. You might also be able to get information about the actual braking system in the truck and looking for known defects or recalls.

However, gathering evidence for a personal injury claim and using it appropriately is generally a laborious task. The situation is made more problematic in considering you should be focused on your own health and recuperation.

If you become seriously injured in at trucking accident that was not your fault, get in touch with Habbas & Associates of San Jose today. Our truck accident lawyers are ready to hear your case details at any hour of any day. We have 200 years of collective experience dealing with high stakes and complex cases, allowing us to better pinpoint the cause of your accident and campaign for your maximize compensation.

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