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Helpful Parties After You Are Hurt in a Car Accident

After being in a serious car accident that causes injury and the destruction of your vehicle, it is understandable if you feel immediately alone or mistreated. The good news is you are not alone at all, and there are many people out there who will want to help you, both right away and later down the line.

You might be helped by the following parties after a car accident:

  • Police: In many cases, the first third party to show up to the scene of a bad crash are police officers. Depending on what has happened, a law enforcement officer might attempt emergency first aid. Most of the time, though, they will just need to redirect traffic away from any debris thrown into the road, and to help make room for other emergency response teams.
  • Firefighters: Car accidents that cause significant wreckage and vehicle destruction will require firefighters to help extract victims. They will be equipped with specialized tools, like the “Jaws of Life,” to untangle broken vehicles. Of course, fire crews will need to be there to extinguish any fires that might have started due to the crash.
  • Paramedics: To treat serious injuries correctly, paramedics – or emergency medical technicians (EMTs) – will need to arrive quickly. They can perform emergency triage and speed injured parties to nearby hospitals and medical facilities in ambulances, when need be. You should always accept the help of EMTs after a car accident, even if you are feeling fine. Failing to get any medical attention can raise your own liability if you discover an injury or complication later.
  • Bystanders: You might be surprised with the number of bystanders who will want to help you in any way they can. Be sure to ask them for any photos, videos, or testimonies of what they saw occur. Some of the best evidence comes from strangers who happened to be nearby. Be careful when a bystander offers medical attention, though. If they are not correctly trained, they could worsen an injury.
  • Attorneys: When you have been medically treated and things start quieting down after a car accident, it will be time to start thinking about legal help. Filing a car accident claim can become unexpectedly complex, especially when the liable party tries to deny accountability. A car accident lawyer can be retained to act on your behalf, essentially arming yourself with their legal knowledge and experience.

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