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Following a Car Accident, Take These Steps

As soon as the dust settles after an accident, parties will already be trying to figure out who is to blame and who could be held liable in any resulting personal injury claims. You should also be aware of how liability is assigned in car accidents. In particular, you have to pay attention to what you do and what you do not do after the collision. Your words and actions can play an integral role in how much liability ends up on your shoulders.

After a car accident, you should:

  • Check to make certain everyone is okay.
  • Call 911 if someone is seriously injured or if there is extensive vehicle damage that left debris in the road.
  • Move all vehicles as far away from the street and traffic as possible.
  • Get copies of accident reports from any emergency responders who come to the scene, like police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.
  • Talk to eyewitnesses about what they saw and ask for written statements from people who say you were not the cause of the crash.
  • Take photographs of the accident and injuries with your smartphone. Use multiple angles, be thorough, and take pictures of the environment and traffic conditions as well.
  • Collect insurance and identifying information from all parties involved in the accident.

After a car accident, you should not:

  • Admit any amount of liability for the car accident, even if you suspect you may have caused it.
  • Apologize to anyone, as saying that you are “sorry” can be misconstrued into an admission of guilt.
  • Talk to an insurance company without first fully understanding your insurance policy.
  • Knowingly lie about what happened. If you are not sure of the truth, then you can just be blunt and say “I am not sure right now.”

Let Our San Jose Car Accident Lawyers Determine Fair Compensation for Your Case

Another thing you need to do after being in a serious accident is consider how much compensation you are owed from the liable parties. Do you need medical attention and hospitalization? Is your car totaled? Will you miss work because of your injuries? How much pain and suffering have you been through because of the negligence of the other driver? All of these factors and more will play a part in the compensation you should be given.

At Habbas & Associates, our personal injury attorneys in San Jose are able to analyze the details of your accident and your damages to determine the compensation you should pursue in your claim. We have more than 200 years of combined legal experience and a record of impressive case results, which total more than $300 million secured for clients through verdicts and settlements. Call (888) 387-4053 to ask for a free case evaluation.

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