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Breaking and Entering Story Has a Wild Twist Complete with Toilet Paper Roses

It’s your worst nightmare: Someone has broken into your home. However, what if they broke into your home and didn’t steal or destroy anything? Such is the case for one Boston man who came home and discovered something was amiss. Although nothing had been taken, he could smell cleaning solutions. The only thing he could find that had been altered? His home had been deep-cleaned: toilets scrubbed, beds made, trash taken out, and toilet paper roses left in the bathrooms.

Police investigators believe the unidentified would-be burglars were actually part of a housecleaning service. Neighbors were interviewed, and could not report seeing anything suspicious. The theory is they entered through an unlocked backdoor and proceeded to clean the home because they had entered the wrong residence.

While this wacky story may seem like a nightmare turned into a dream come true, be aware, it is still a crime. The crime? Misdemeanor breaking and entering. If your home has been broken into, make sure you call the police for an investigation to ensure your safety.

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