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California Is the Number 1 State for Dog Bite Injuries

Many people here in the Golden State are dog lovers, and with so many dog-friendly buildings and parks dotting the Bay Area alone, it may seem like a paradise for pet owners. However, it’s important to be careful before petting that cute puppy at the local park: California is also known for being the number 1 state in dog bite injuries.

According to research conducted by State Farm insurance, more than 488 of all the 3,600 dog bite claims filed in 2017 happened in California, or approximately 14% of all dog bites nationwide. While these numbers only account for one insurance provider over the course of one year, and may not be comprehensive, it’s a chilling reminder for California residents to be careful around canines.

The Dangers of Dog Bite Injuries

A dog doesn’t necessarily have to be aggressive in order to present a biting risk, nor does a passing neighbor or friend have to provoke the dog. For certain animals, just the extreme stress of being around unfamiliar people or unknown places can cause them to become aggressive, anxious, and bite-prone.

Ultimately, it’s on pet owners to take legal responsibility for their pets’ most vicious tendencies, and ensure that no one suffers because of their dog’s actions. However, many owners fail to take proper care of their pets, and as a result, more than 4.5 million dog bites are reported across the country each year.

Here are some of the main causes for dog bites:

  • Owner failing to spay or neuter the animal
  • Incorrect use of a leash
  • Failing to use a leash
  • Intentional attacks
  • Failing to keep dogs contained at home or in the yard
  • Poor training
  • Lack of early life socialization
  • Owner abuse and neglect

What Should I Do After a Dog Bite?

Once you’ve cleaned up your dog bite injury and received appropriate medical attention, it may be time to consider filing a dog bite claim against the owner, who is most often the liable party. In some instances, there could be another party involved in the incident that led to your dog bite too.

Much like a car accident, you will need to gather evidence at the scene of the attack. Make sure to get the name, number, and address of the dog owner, and if they have homeowner’s insurance, ask for that information as well. Then, you should take pictures of the scene and your injuries, and discuss what happened with any witnesses who were nearby.

Determined Representation for Dog Bite Cases

From psychological trauma to permanent scarring, a dog bite can be serious business. Thankfully, the law allows you to pursue a civil lawsuit and collect damages for your suffering, as well as any medical expenses and other needs. At Habbas & Associates, we’ll help you pursue your case with dedication and fairness, committed to you every step of the way. With over 200 years of experience, you can count on us to seek justice on your behalf.

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