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Various Types of Truck Accidents & Proving Liability in Them

Proving liability in a truck accident should be your second priority — following your own necessary medical care — after being in a crash with a big rig. While many truck accidents can be traced back to a tired truck driver, there are many more than cannot. In order to determine liability in such a case, it helps to take a look at the details of the truck accident, such as its type.

Some common types of trucking accidents include:

  • Rollover: Trucks that rollover onto the freeway may collapse on top of adjacent motorists. In a rollover accident, the cause can often be traced to an incorrectly loaded trailer, which becomes top heavy and prone to tipping when turning. A truck driver may also cause a rollover accident if they drive into a high wind area. Strong gusts of wind can catch the broad side of a trailer like a boat’s sail, tipping the entire thing over.
  • Jackknife: Commercial trucks that “jackknife” fold at the hinge between the tractor and the trailer, looking like a folding jackknife. The trailer swings forward and often extends outward beyond the tractor, hitting all adjacent lanes as a result. Jackknifing usually occurs when a trucker is speeding and slams the brakes too suddenly, which stops the tractor but not the heavier trailer.
  • Exploded tire: 18-wheelers have 18 wheels, as the name suggest, and they all must be in excellent condition. When a single truck tire bursts or explodes, it can take complete control away from the trucker. Exploded tires are often the result of a poor manufacturing process, or over-inflation.
  • Brake failure: The average commercial truck is permitted to weigh up to 80,000 pounds, based on Federal Motor Carrier Safe Administration (FMCSA) regulations. So many tons place enormous stress on the brakes. If the brakes are defective or not maintained often, they can fail in transit, causing a serious crash.
  • Loose load: Some truck accidents are caused by the cargo on or in the truck, not the truck itself. Loose freight tossed into the highway can strike other vehicles, causing serious injuries. The crew that last loaded the cargo is likely to be found at least partially liable for the accident.

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