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Why Are Soft Tissue Injuries So Serious?

When people talk about soft tissue injuries, they mean any damage done to a part of the body that isn’t bone. Soft tissues can include the muscles, ligaments, and tendons throughout the body, including the brain. While the mildest soft tissue injury is bruising (specifically, an acute soft tissue injury), some injuries can be so severe they need surgery to repair the damage.

Soft tissue injuries involving a strained or sprain muscle or ligament include 3 grades. The mildest sprain is a Grade 1 injury, which can be repaired with a cold compress and time. A grade 3 strain means partial tearing of fibers and an inability to apply pressure to the area without pain. This kind of injury would require extended rest to treat. A grade 3 strain is the most severe and includes a complete rupture of the structure. Someone with a grade 3 strain can’t use that part of the body at all and will likely require surgery.

While these injuries don’t sound like a big deal, they can prevent you from returning to work for a significant amount of time. Grade 3 soft tissue injuries could take months to heal and will take longer if you are an older individual with slower healing times.

In car accidents, for example, many people can sustain whiplash injuries if they are struck from behind by another vehicle. Whiplash can result in neck pain, back problems, and cognitive issues. If left untreated, the pain could become chronic and might last for years.

Last, brain damage is one of the most severe types of soft tissue injury. Bruising and tearing in the brain area could result in severe brain damage, which may or may not be long-term. The brain is a highly delicate collection of nerves. If it is damaged, the functions it performs could be relearned eventually, but it will take some time. Brain cells can regenerate in a process called neurogenesis, but it takes quite a while and can be stymied by stress, lack of sleep, and aging.

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