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Is Driving in California More Dangerous Than in Other States?

California is enormous. The length of the state reaches from Mexico to Canada, and it can take at least five hours to travel from the Pacific Ocean to the closest city in Nevada, the next state over. Because the state is so large, it has hundreds of different roads, highways, streets, avenues, and so on running the length and width of The Golden States. It also includes a number of different climates; Northern California, for example, rains a great deal, which can make the roads more hazardous. However, does the size of the state and the number of people in it make the roads more dangerous? Studies say, “not quite.”

According to 2016 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while the 5 safest states to drive in are Massachusetts, District of Columbia, New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. The 5 least safe states to drive in are Mississippi, Wyoming, Montana, Alabama, and South Carolina. The same data shows California rates fairly highly as one of the safer states to drive in.

However, these numbers vary when you take into account smaller areas in the state, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. A new study done on collisions in California show San Francisco is the most dangerous city in the state for drivers, but San Bernardino was the city with the most vehicular fatalities. On the other hand, New York City has the second highest rate of pedestrian injury and death in the nation.

Overall, California as a state is one of the more safe places to drive. However, when it comes to areas with high traffic, your risk of getting into an accident is significantly higher. Whatever state you’re in, make sure you do your best to drive defensively on the road.

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