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Back-to-School Safety Tips for You & Your Children

Back-to-school season is not the best time of year for driving. You will notice that traffic congestion will ramp up at the beginning and end of the school day. This change of traffic flow can create some unexpected dangers.

Keep these safety tips in mind, whether you are a parent or a student, or just a driver passing through a school zone:

  • When a school bus stops and uses it stop signs and lights, you must not pass it. This is an indication that students are getting on or off the bus, and it is highly likely that children will attempt to cross the street in front of it.
  • Try to always drop your children off on the same side of the street as the school. If you can get into the school parking lot, this may be even better.
  • Never block a crosswalk with your vehicle. You will force students to try to make their way around it, possibly straying into traffic. If you are a student, do not try to walk around a car in the crosswalk. Wait for it to be safe and clear to cross.
  • Pay attention to crosswalk attendants who direct traffic in the area. They will usually have a handheld stop sign and a brightly-colored vest.
  • Always stop and yield for any children in the street.

Being in school can also bring unusual hazards that many students might not know how to handle. It is important to make certain you and your child know how to best stay safe.

Safety tips for children in school you might not have discussed yet:

  • Backpack weight is a serious concern for students. Carrying around a heavy weight all day can lead to back problems and growth issues. See what can be done to reduce the total weight of your child’s backpack, or check if your child’s school allows rolling backpacks.
  • School sport injuries are common, especially when appropriate precautions are not made. Your child should always wear safety gear needed for each sport. If the school does not want to provide safety equipment for certain sport play, then you should not allow your child to participate.
  • Some school-related injuries are caused by bullies who carry out assaults on other children. You should take some time to sit with your child and discuss what to do if they see a bully or are bullied. Every situation is different, but notifying an adult immediately is often the best choice.

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