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Staying Safe While Driving & Expecting: Tips for Pregnant Mothers On-the-Go

As any mother can tell you, becoming pregnant does not mean your life goes on pause for the next nine months. If anything, you will have even more things to deal with in the average day than before. In order to keep up with your obligations, you might have to get behind the wheel more often than you would like, given that any time you drive, you have to watch out for negligent drivers who might cause a car accident.

To keep yourself and your unborn child safe while you drive, remember these tips:

  • Wear your seatbelt: You might have heard a common rumor that wearing a seatbelt while pregnant is dangerous. Please do not listen to this fabrication. You must always wear a seatbelt while in an automobile. However, as an expecting mother, you will need to position the seatbelt differently than normal. Throughout most of your pregnancy, you will want to place the lap belt below your stomach, and the shoulder strap above it. You should speak with your obstetrician or medical provider and refer to your vehicle’s safety manual for more information.
  • Adjust your seat: Specifically positioning your seatbelt should also be paired with repositioning your seat. Pregnant drivers should be as far away from the steering column or dash as possible without making it a struggle to reach the accelerator and brakes. The next time you get in your vehicle, give yourself a few minutes to tinker with your seating adjustment until you are comfortable.
  • Plan your routes: You should always plan extended driving routes ahead of time. This is especially true if you are an expecting mother. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road in an unknown place. By planning your route and sharing it with a loved one who is not coming along on your trip, you can make it easier to find or assist you just in case your car unexpectedly breaks down.
  • Consolidate your errands: To spend as little time as possible around other drivers, who could potentially cause a bad car accident without warning, minimize how often you need to drive. Simply consolidating your errands into one outing can be quite helpful. For example, instead of grocery shopping one day and picking up your dry cleaning the next, try to make it so you can do both tasks back-to-back. You should also talk to friends and family to see if anyone will volunteer to complete errands for you, allowing you to stay safe and sound at home more often.

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