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Do You Really Need to See a Doctor After a Mild Accident?

Accidents of all sorts happen all the time. Drivers collide at low speeds in parking lots, people slip on wet floors in grocery stores, and so forth. Thankfully, most of these accidents are not serious and no medical attention is needed.

But, how do you know for certain that no medical care is needed after a mild accident? In truth, you don’t really know how serious your injuries are upfront in mild accidents. Some serious injuries do not reveal themselves until hours or days later, when the initial soreness of the accident does not fade and you start to get the feeling that something is wrong.

This is why it is so important for you to always see a doctor as soon as you can after any accident involving a third party, no matter how mild. Even if you just tripped down a couple steps at your friend’s house, for example, you should take yourself to urgent care right away for a checkup. The last thing you need is to discover later on that you actually broke a bone and now it is not healing correctly because you didn’t get a diagnosis early on.

Reducing Your Own Liability Through Medical Care

When you go to see a doctor after a mild accident, you do more than take care of your health. You are also taking care of your future finances by reducing your own liability for your injuries.

Insurance companies will jump at the chance to blame you for the extent of your injuries if it is shown you made no attempt to treat them following an accident. Also, you can create the groundwork for a medical malpractice claim if you see a doctor who sees nothing wrong with you, only for your injuries to worsen shortly after.

All in all, there is much to gain with seeing a doctor after a mild accident and not much to lose, other than a few hours of your time and a bit of co-pay.

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