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I Was Hurt Riding a Bus - Who Can I Sue?

A crucial component of any personal injury claim is pinpointing liability so a claim can be brought against the correct party. Determining liability is not always simple, though. In many types of accidents, it can be unclear who is liable for your injuries, or there may be multiple parties to blame. This is the case for most bus accident cases involving a public bus transportation system.

If a bus is branded with a local municipality’s logo, then it is likely a bus managed by that municipality. For example, you can probably recognize the city buses in your community by look due to this specific branding. Buses that follow a specific route and time table are also likely managed or owned by a municipality, even if they are not branded as such.

In these situations, the municipality that owns or manages the public bus may be partially or totally accountable for any bus accidents. This is due to an extension of employer responsibility to ensure its employees are trained properly for their roles and responsibilities. Filing an injury claim against a municipality may seem daunting, but it can actually be to your benefit. The insurance policy covering a public bus is more likely to have coverage caps that meet your damage requirements than compared to the insurance policy owned by an individual driver, for instance. The increased coverage cap can make it easier for your injury attorney to negotiate a fair settlement amount for you without having to take your case to court.

What About Liability for Private Bus Services?

A quick review of bus accident news stories from across the country reveals that many bus accidents do not actually involve public transportation. Instead, private bus carriers are at the root of some of the worst bus accidents. When this is the case, you will have to take your claim against that private bus company and its insurance provider. Depending on the size of the bus company, you could be in for a more difficult legal battle than you would be had it been a public transportation bus.

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