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Road Safety Tips for Halloween Night

It’s almost Halloween again: Kids roam the streets trick-or-treating at neighbor’s doors, and people of all ages get out to attend parties, pull pranks, and more. All that late-night activity can pose a serious safety hazard, however, particularly if you live in a suburban area. Because many Halloween party-goers don’t wear reflective clothing or pay attention to the roads, it’s on drivers to watch for pedestrians as much as possible.

At Habbas & Associates, we wish you all a very happy holiday and a safe Halloween night. As personal injury attorneys serving Northern California, we know what safety issues tend to arise during this holiday – and we’ve compiled them into a quick list for you. Whether you’re driving or just walking around with the kids this year, it’s important to take a minute and review safety with your loved ones. It may just prevent a major accident.

Our top safety tips for a secure and worry-free Halloween night:

  • Never, ever drink and drive. It may be said a hundred times over throughout the year, but it’s also worth repeating on Halloween night, especially when the themed cocktails are flowing. Even if you’ve only had two drinks, you will likely be over the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in California, putting yourself and other people at risk. Opt for a designated driver instead and prevent a tragic crash.
  • Keep your eyes wide open for kids. Darting in-between cars and houses, costume-clad kids can be hard to spot in the darkness of Halloween night. Proceed with extreme caution any time you drive by a busy neighborhood. It’s also a good idea to use your brights on dark rural roads or areas with limited visibility.
  • Be mindful of other drivers. Even if you obey all the rules of the road, other drivers may not be so courteous and careful. Drunk and distracted driving are both common on Halloween, so you’ll need to recognize the signs of an impaired driver. Watch out for cars that swerve even slightly, or vehicles that have overcrowded back seats.
  • Always go slow when backing out. Backing out of your driveway too quickly can result in a deadly accident. Even if you don’t live in a residential or suburban area, speeding through your driveway could catch a Halloween house-goer unaware.
  • Go slow. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it: Never speed during this holiday! In fact, it’s better if you go below the posted speed limit, as increased foot traffic and limited visibility can combine to create tragedy.
  • Contact law enforcement if you see erratic behavior. No matter if it’s egging a house or swerving in-between lanes, drunk and raucous party goers may be breaking the law and putting other people at risk of injury or property damage. When you see public drunkenness or erratic behavior, contact your local law enforcement officials as soon as possible.

Standing By Your Side After an Accident

If you or your loved ones experience any injuries this Halloween or beyond, you may have grounds to sue the negligent party who caused your accident. At Habbas & Associates, we help injury victims maximize their compensation and cover the costs of medical expenses, time off work, lost wages, and more. It’s our goal to help you rest and recover in the aftermath of your crash – and with compassionate counsel, we’ll serve as your advocate throughout the complex legal process.

Need help after Halloween? Call (888) 387-4053 for a free consultation.

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