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Car Accidents with Uninsured Motorists: Who Can You Sue?

Drivers in California are required by law to carry some sort of automobile insurance that meets minimum requirements, allowing people who get hurt by them in a car accident a chance to recover damages. Despite the law and the penalties for breaking it, an estimated 14% of all drivers in the state do not have insurance coverage. Anyone who gets hit by these reckless drivers could be at a loss regarding how to pay for their vehicle repairs, medical bills, and so forth.

What is a driver supposed to do if they are hit by an uninsured motorist? There are a few options to consider.

Check Your UM Coverage

Automobile insurance companies offer UM coverage, or uninsured motorist coverage, for a little more each month. UM coverage will supply you with money up to your policy cap to pay for any damages incurred by the actions of an uninsured motorist. If your insurance company will not honor the policy you have purchased, either by denying your claim or lowballing the amount you deserve, then you may need a car accident attorney to help you take up a case against them.

Claims Against the Uninsured Motorist

The reality of the situation is an uninsured motorist is still liable for any car accident they cause. While bringing a personal injury claim directly against them is not ideal, it is certainly not outside the realm of possibility. You never know how strong the finances may be of another person until you find out for certain. Do not assume they do not have the capability for paying for your damages. Instead, talk to an injury attorney to see if this unusual option is worth exploring for your case.

It is also worth noting that you should always call the police after being hit by an uninsured motorist, even if you do not suffer any noticeable damage to your vehicle or yourself. The police are the only people authorized to take dangerous motorists off the road and remove their licenses. Your decision to notify the police after your accident could prevent someone else from being hurt by that same driver later.

San Jose Uninsured Driver Attorneys at Habbas & Associates

When you are hit by an uninsured motorist, the future is cloudy at best. Allow Habbas & Associates to help clear the air and guide you to the better tomorrow you deserve. Contact our highly experienced San Jose injury attorneys today to learn more about your rights and options. We are capable of managing your case, no matter who we need to hold accountable.

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