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Do Brain Injuries Heal Over Time? Or Are They All Permanent?

After suffering a brain injury – whether it is considered traumatic or minor – the recovery process will be an uphill battle for the patient. This is assuming that it is even possible for the patient to heal the physical damage caused to their brain.

Research from leading medical groups and safety councils has indicated that our brains are not capable of healing the vast majority of brain injuries. This is not because our brains do not heal at all. In reality, brain cells can regenerate just the same as other cells in the human body. However, the rate at which brain cells heal is most often equal to or lesser than the rate at which a traumatic brain injury (TBI) continues to damage new cells.

In other words, once someone suffers a brain injury, the damage is “permanent” in most cases. A shocking study carried out by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has more or less confirmed the permanence of brain injuries by researching the brains of professional football players. It found that 110 of the 111 former National Football League players studied had some sort of form of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), whether they played recently or many years ago. The conclusion not only being that playing football leads to brain injury but also that brain injuries do not heal faster than the injury degrades.

Fighting for the Rights of Brain Injury Patients

As it has been revealed that a traumatic brain injury is likely to never fully heal, it is crucial that anyone who suffers a brain injury due to the negligence of others seek maximized compensation. Any damages cited in a personal injury claim need to consider the cost of treatment, rehabilitation, and adjustment to living both now and decades into the future. If the compensation does not calculate lifelong costs, it is not enough.

At Habbas & Associates, our San Jose brain injury attorneys always run the math to figure out just how much compensation our clients deserve. We are aware of the future ramifications of living with a brain injury and fight to get every last penny needed. Talk about your case with our team by filling out an online contact form today.

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